Thursday, 6 June 2013

OOTD #2 on a Rare Sunny Day

This week, the sun made an appearance. I think it has this schedule to show up every year just as exams start, but since it's not me doing exams this year, I couldn't be happier to skip about in the sun. Yes, literally skip. Luckily I live in the countryside and there are very few people to observe my oddities.

top-Bershka (last season) / skirt-thrifted / pumps-Accessorize / bangles-penney's
I'm so pale I feel like I'm glowing. I need a tan and fast. Anyone know of any good fake tans that are relatively affordable, don't smell bad, apply easily and don't go streaky? Or is that just asking for a miracle?


  1. I loooooove that skirt! Gorgeous summer outfit. The only one of the shops you've listed we have around here is Accessorize, devastated! You look fab :-) Enjoy the sunshine while it's here!

    Robyn x

    1. Thank you! I'm very lucky to go to uni in a big city with lots of shops, unlucky for for my bank account though!
      Erin x